Common Ground


Adam Silverman + Sogetsu Ikebana Los Angeles

6 × 9 inches, 128 pages, softcover with jacket
ISBN 978-1-941753-56-9

Design by IN-FO.CO

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A celebration of multicultural collaboration through contemporary ceramics and exquisite, experimental ikebana arrangements.

Adam Silverman creates ambitious ceramic work with site-specific materials that engage their places of origin. Similar to a chef cooking with local ingredients, his works are infused with the history, culture, issues, and spirit of a place. In the fall of 2019, before the coronavirus pandemic swept the globe, Silverman began a project to address the political and cultural divisions in America. Silverman collected materials (clay, wood ash, and water) from every state and inhabited US territory and combined them into a single, new, fully integrated material. This material was then used to create 56 ceremonial vessels that celebrate the nation’s radical diversity and inclusivity.

A series of 56 Ikebana arrangements made by teachers and students at Sogetsu Ikebana Los Angeles are placed in Silverman’s vessels, creating a powerful pairing of American materials and symbols with Japanese traditions.

With contributions by Ravi GuneWardena, Aya Muto, Akane Teshigahara, and Tony Marsh.