Donna Huanca

7.5 × 10 inches, 120 pages, softcover
ISBN 978-1-941753-50-7

Design by IN-FO.CO
Co-published by Inventory Press and Ballroom Marfa

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ESPEJO QUEMADA engages with the landscape of Far West Texas, while simultaneously drawing on visual, cultural, and mythological cues informed by feminism, decolonialism, and the artist’s personal and familial histories. Documenting the exhibition of the same name at Ballroom Marfa (the title of which translates to “burnt mirror” in English), this English and Spanish bilingual catalogue is an exploration of artist Donna Huanca’s first memories of Marfa, Texas.

Created during the pandemic, ESPEJO QUEMADA moves away from Huanca’s live public performance work, and focuses on the performative presence inherent in her sculptures and paintings, including the repeated use of mirrors. With essays from Ballroom Marfa curator Daisy Nam, Whitney Museum of Art associate curator Marcela Guerrero, and poet Raquel Gutiérrez, alongside the transcription of a walkthrough by poet and cultural critic Roberto Tejada, ESPEJO QUEMADA invites readers to inhabit Huanca’s work, reminding us that the sentient body is a potent source and repository of memory, intuitive knowledge, imagination, emotion, and desire.