Seeing | Making —> Room for Thought


Susan Buck-Morss, Kevin McCaughey, Adam Michaels

4.75 × 7.75 inches, 400 pages, softcover
ISBN 978-1-941753-53-8

Available for Pre-Order
Shipping October 2023

Using montages not as a dialectic but an invitation for thought to occupy the space between two seemingly unrelated things, Seeing | Making —> Room for Thought both studies and enacts principles of montage as a means of thinking through how images and ideas work in today’s hyper-visual landscape. In a close collaboration with designers Kevin McCaughey (founder of the popular conceptual clothing line Boot Boyz Biz) and Adam Michaels of Inventory Press, renowned philosopher Susan Buck-Morss expands on her unique conception of montage, combining images and text—also integrating excerpts from Buck-Morss’ previous work—in an innovative way that provides insight into images and how they work together.

Bridging three generations of cultural producers committed to working through ambiguity—and driven by images not as illustrations or objects of analysis, but that in their arrangement are the thinking—Seeing | Making —> Room for Thought is a notable activation of ideas for anyone interested in today’s visual culture.