Way Station

Sold Out

Shannon Harvey, Adam Michaels,
and Levi Murphy

8 1/4 × 5 1/2 inches, 50 pages, wirebound
ISBN 978-1-941753-08-8
Edition of 100 numbered copies

Way Station extends the January 2015 exhibition by Shannon Harvey, Adam Michaels, and Levi Murphy at Grice Bench, Los Angeles. At once static and dynamic, the book presents a journey through a series of landscapes, juxtaposed with a steadily spinning furniture form—that of the primary exhibition component, a set of colorful benches featuring ergonomics designed to heighten and transform physical and mental awareness. The book provides a particularly associative experience for a reader seated on a Way Station bench, while maintaining interest far beyond this setting.

Shannon Harvey is a designer and colorist. Adam Michaels is the cofounder of design studio Project Projects, and founder of Inventory Press. Levi Murphy is a designer and founder of Communal Objects.